Name for a group of Marauders 2d20 table

I thought for my first post I would share something I really enjoy, random tables! They bring a sense of unpredictability to no just the players but the dungeon master as well. And as a person with ADHD this works for me well and comes up with great (and sometimes hilarious) results. Such is the case with this list (technically it’s two list) that is meant to help come up with a name for a fantasy raider group taking inspiration from A Song of Ice and Fire, Berzerk, Elderscrolls, and a few throw-ins of my own.

So it would go something like, “You see a wanted poster on the wall for a group of briggands called the…”

Adjectives (2d20)

2.Silver 3.Brave 4.Iron 5.Stinky Butt 6.Bloody 7.Moon 8.Second 9.Lurking 10.Golden 11.Snappy 12.Cold 13.Cobalt 14.Dark 15.Red 16.Newborn 17.Nutty 18.Dishonorable 19.Old 20.Fleet Footed 21.Strong 22.Loud 23.Unshaken 24.Wrathful 25.Larg 26.Fancy 27.First Hand 28.Sea 29.Small 30.Fire 31.Crackling 32.Clean Cut 33.Toe Bitting 34.Sneaky 35.Classy 36.Rising 37.Bulky 38.Blue 39.Grumpy 40. Roll Twice

Noun (2d20)

2.Lions 3.Tigers 4.Bears 5.Dragons 6.Devils 7.Swords 8.Mummers 9.Compainions 10.Dogs 11.Spears 12.Swarm 13.Men 14.Fey 15.Women 16.Cats 17.Whales 18.Roosters 19.Murder 20.Squirrels 21.Slavers 22.Drakes 23.Brothers 24.Eels 25.Faces 26.Fathers 27.Krakens 28.Sisters 29.Wolves 30.Beast 31.Behemoths 32.Cousins 33.Syths 34.Spiders 35.Demons 36.Hounds 37.Thieves 38.Butt Buddies 39.Travelers 40. Golems

The first time I used this list, I came up with a group called the Loud Devils. A band of criminals known for known for stirring up the public for others political gain. I hope this list helps and inspires you as well.


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