Desert Oasis Guardians 1d12 Table

As I said in my first blog, I LOVE random list and sometimes coming up with ideas for a list can be hard. But like with the last list I made I noticed that if you really get specific with what the list is about it makes it a lot easier to be creative. Often I like to come up with list that I’ll in some way end up using the next session, but with this list, I made an exception.

I have a soft spot in my heart for desert campaigns worlds (like Dark Sun and Al-Qadim), so every once in a while I’ll find myself toying around with desert themes. This list deals with a guardian or group of monsters in a desert oasis. I figure since water would be a necessity in such a world it would be fitting to make the heroes fight for it.

So it should go something like, “The heroes approach the oasis, but they don’t know it is guarded/occupied by…”

  1. A sea monster that mysteriously wound up in the oasis pool
  2. A band of raiders/slavers/thieves/cannibals who use it as a home base
  3. A cult that worships a devil or demon taking shelter in the oasis
  4. A paladin or knight helping lost travelers and vagabonds find their way back to civilization
  5. A hoard of undead desert nomads with vicious carrion birds flying above
  6. A powerful sorcerer/sorceress in a sandstone tower who has summoned elementals to kill any intruders
  7. A band of nomadic merchants who are very protective of their wears
  8. Giants who are stealing lost travelers for slave labor
  9. A naga who keeps his treasure at the bottom of the oasis pool
  10. Living plant life brought to life by a druid who believes he/she must protect this gem of nature against intruders who might destroy it
  11. Giant bugs, enlarged by a powerful relic hidden in a nearby ruin
  12. A sphinx who will only let the heroes pass into the oasis if they win his/her game of riddles

I used this for a one shot for my little sister and her friend and landed on the druid. It was fun revisiting this setting and I hope to do it more often; I hope you find some use out of it as well.

Artist Credit: “Desert Oasis” by Marie Mason


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