The Knight of the Bales

I just recently got back into painting minis, my most recent are an undead cleric and a female knight. Both are pretty cool and being ADHD like I am I had to put them next to each other. My mind already started racing about a story for these two:

The undead cleric, who we will call Izar, was once holy adviser to the king. But after obsessing over an ancient prophecy, he became fanatical as he attempted to kill the king’s son Arin. Izar was put to death, but not before swearing he would return to fulfill the prophecy and spill the prince’s blood.

The knight, named Sasha, was lowborn to a farming family till she was taken as a squire by a knight. Later in life she would prove a valiant warrior and would become a quartermaster for the Kings Royal guard. Though she has a hard time respecting the weak, her training as a knight has taught her that if she doesn’t protect them then no one will.

Risin from the dead by a cult, Izar sends his zealots to kidnap Prince Arin and takes him to his lair in the Tzar mountains. When the King calls on his bravest knights only one is brave enough to attempet the resuce, Sasha the Knight of the Bales.

I’ll leave the story unfinished, perhaps this will serve as a great back story to someones character. I’ve always admired tough and strong women and really believe that they have a place in the world of D&D as brave adventurers. I hope you found this article interesting and inspiring.


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