Manticore Poison 1d8 table

Manticores are a vastly underrated monster in my opinion and I thought in 5th edition D&D, along with a lot of other monsters got nerfed severely. Say what you will about 4th edition, but one of the things I thought they got right was giving level variety. I’m not good at gearing a monster’s challenge rating, too much math for me. But I noticed something about 5th ed manticores that seemed off, and it hit me, they don’t have scorpion tails. I looked it up on Wikipedia to see if I was right and I found a quote that reads, “The tail is that of either a dragon or a scorpion, and it may shoot venomous spines to either paralyze or kill its victims”. This shows up in a lot of art as well, showing most manticores as having a scorpion stinger for a tail and often no wings!

Considering this I thought it a great idea to give manticores a poisonous tail with some nasty venoms to help it in combat, making it a top dog predator again. And seeing as it’s Friday I thought, “This would make a good list”. So without further delay, it should go something like this:

“The manticore stings our hero, injecting him/her with a venom that…”

  1. Makes its victim feel like it’s burning alive; the victim takes 2d12 poison damage and falls to the ground screaming in pain (DC 20 constitution saves).
  2. Locks up the victim’s body and makes it painful to move. Every time the victim moves it takes 2d6 poison damage, this last until he/she makes a successful DC 20 constitution save.
  3. Numbs the victims primarily arm, making him/her lose proficiency with any melee weapons for one round (DC 17 constitution saves).
  4. Confuses the victim, and he/she must make a DC 15 wisdom save. If failed, he/she must attack the nearest ally on next turn.
  5. Gives the victim a migraine that impedes on his/her ability to correctly reason. He/She gains disadvantage on all wisdom and intelligence related rolls (DC 15 constitution ends).
  6. Knocks the victim out cold for 5 minutes and causes vivid nightmares (DC 15 constitution ends).
  7. Makes the victims eyes swell, causing his/her site to become unreliable. Victim gains disadvantage on all sight related rolls and must spend his/her free action rubbing their eyes (DC 17 constitution ends).
  8. Will cause a nasty rash to appear on the sting mark. On his/her next turn, the victim will begin to feel stomach cramps, and on the third turn the victim will fall unconscious. This will trigger the need to make death saving throws (DC 17 constitution saves)
  9. Tightens the victim’s chest causing loss of breath. This gains him/her disadvantage on all strength and dexterity rolls (DC 15 constitution save ends).
  10. Causes the victim to hallucinate the nearest ally is his/her greatest fear and must run from it (DC 17 constitution save ends).

I recommend using this list with a party closer to level ten, these poisons are kinda tough. But like I said before I’m not really that experianced in homebrewing monsters, I mean they’re making them let and right so it shouldn’t be that hard to find a high-level manticore. Anyway I hope you liked this list, and it inspires you in some way, please if you like this article share it around or subscribe to my blog for more every week. Till next time, I’ll see ya…and watch out for those tails!


2 thoughts on “Manticore Poison 1d8 table

  1. using this (edited for level) in mines of phandelver. the green dragon fight is brutal as standard so i took it out of the tower. gave him a range poison attack that all it does is a little damage and the characters are poisoned no save. this will add to it and i can pick and choose whats not going tpk a reasonable party. though then again i have murder hobos. meh. it will be a cool story that they will enjoy.

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