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The City of Arkham

Hay guys it’s been a while, I had to go a few weeks without a working computer. I am officially back with something big, an entire city for you to use in your campaign based on Lovecraft and the Detective Comics location of Arkham City.

Arkham is a sizable city in disarray; the buildings are falling apart, crime is getting out of hand, shops are known to sell very strange items, and mad men can be heard walking the streets babbling incoherent nonsense during the night. Arkham is not a place most people choose to live, but more so a place people end up on accident. Some are too poor to live anywhere else; others are trying to hide from the law. But curiously enough some say they are called to live here, though they don’t seem happy about it. A lot of the traveling merchants will tell you that Arkham is one of the most dangerous, and the strangest places in all of the Kingdom.


Places of Importance and Interest

Church of the Listeners – This Church belongs to the Holy Ring of the Librarian surround in the worship of Sirri and her want for knowledge; or rather the Head of the Scarce Circles want for knowledge. It is known as the eyes and ears of the Circles as it specializes in training spys to gather information, and glorified bureaucrats to sort it out and make sense of it. Despite the oath the Listeners take apon joining, roumors have the common folk believing that they train assassins.

Weapons and Armor Warehouse – One of the reasons the reasons crime is so bad in Arkham is the guards are not armed well. And because there is no smith willing to set up shop in this city the arms that supply the guard are donated from around the kingdom, though most donations are second hand lend –me-downs from other cities guard houses. All weapons donated to the city are stored in a heavily guarded warehouse along with whatever else the guards can get off criminals.

The Old Orphanage – At one time Arkham had a place dedicated to finding a home for homeless children till it was left abandoned after a mass cult murder. This old and crumbling building has become the local urban legend, said to be a meeting house for the cult that murdered the children, that the head caretaker who went missing still lives in the abandoned house, and that the spirit of the children killed still haunt the grounds.

The Old Woad Caver – An old carpentry house that went out of business; sill up for rent at a very cheap price but still haven’t seen any takers. The land owner is short of donating it to the city to use as a store house. The place is known for being a squat house for the local crazies.


Taverns & Inns (Menu Prices on PHG.158)

The Grog Hole (Tavern/Inn, Upper-Class/Dinning Club) – A place for the scum of the city underbelly to thrive, The Grog Hole is a Dinning Club for wealthy people in the bigger crime circles. Prices are driven up for people who aren’t vouched for by any regular and recognizable patrons.

It offers meals:

  • Comfortable: A pair of Chicken Breast with Moonshine and Frog Legs
  • Wealthy: Bison and Sweet Berry Wine with a side of Shrimp
  • Aristocratic: Buttered Lobster and Sea Salted Ale with a side of clams

It offers rooms: One squalid, Three modest, Two wealthy, One aristocratic.

Zhans Dreamhouse (Inn/Smokehouse, Gambling Den) – Zhan is a wood elf who came to Cryhawk to take advantage of the humans addictive nature. His weeds and smoke seeds have something in them that induces waking dreams in the smoker. He also runs a gambling den in the basement where in if you can’t make good on your bets, it can cost you dearly.

It offers rooms: Three Squalid, Two Poor, One Modest

The Wandering Lamb (Brothel, Quite/low-key) – This place trades in the art of pleasure, but because of its illegal nature it is a hard place to find. It recruits based on the taste of the locals, which is manly female oriented. The house is really to advertising forbidden desires; many teiflings use the brothel as a place to hide, but work is expected from them.

The Prancing Hoard (Tavern, Members Only) – This Tavern is exclusive to the guard and friends of the guard for the purpose of being a safe haven in the cesspit that is Arkham. Everyone who enters the Hoard must surrender their weapons at the door, anyone caught with weapons in the house must leave or become subject to arrest. Refusal to cooperate does not happen often but has often resulted in the injury and banishment of patrons by the hands of off duty guards.

It offers meals:

  • Poor: Rabbit Meat with bread and water
  • Modest: Salted Pork and Dwarven Ale
  • Comfortable: Chicken and Red Wine with cheese



The Wooden Hand (Carpenter) – The carpenter Hennery Chipper, among other things, specializes in making wagons. He just recently took over the business after his father died to take care of his mother.

Kaiser Clays (Pottery) – Dwarven pottery is less about art and more about war; for Jaska of Clan Mortar it’s a little bit about both. He sells small decorative pots that can be used as fire bombs.

The Golden Shackle (Money Lender) – This money lender is commissioned by the local government. Half the interest collected goes to supporting the guards and the Listeners.

Reapers Den (Money Lender) – If you’re looking for a place that won’t ask questions this is it. Lends coin to anyone no matter the motive, but those who don’t pay on time tend to disappear.

Light of Raphuel (Chandler) – Once a holy man of the Trail Blazers, old man Elbert Donton now has left the church to sell candles. They say his candles burn brighter than torches.

Dream Scents (Chandler) – The waxes here have very potent scents. The shop owner, Kendra Wicker, swears that her candles can put a grown man to sleep in seconds.

Seek and Find (Thrift Shop) – Deals in the trade of unusual trinkets. Though the shop owner Samuel Hatchet goes to great lengths to dispel rumors that say he often deals with grave robbers, they stay alive due to patrons finding lost family heirlooms being sold in the shop.

Cyclopean Carvings (Pottery and Carpenter) – A very popular shop among the local crazies, in fact some even say the shop owner George Kratter is crazy himself. He comes off well enough, except he claims to hear voices in his head that tell him what to make. He says he doesn’t know what the voice is all about, but it commands him by threatening his life. His pots take strange shapes, and the wooden statues he caves are even stranger.

Maps of Fortune (Map Maker) – Named for the fortune teller that helps with the business, this map maker Hanna Ester makes maps of the local area, but hates her boss who she sees as a scam artist.

The Red Jester (Tailor) – This shop was started by the son of a court jester, who fell into madness after a tragic accident and went missing. Regor Lander is the current and second generation shop owner. He has turned the business around after marrying a great sower and sells the high-end fashion she produces.

Pickman’s Paints (Gallery) – Where the owner of Cyclopean Carvings’ madness is mostly hear-say, Fredrick Pickman is a madman in fact. He claims to see a world within ours that only he can see, and it serves as the inspiration for his morbid art.

Treasures from Yann (Pawnshop) – Joseph Laow is a Half-Elf who wants nothing more but to return to his mother in Varen Vale, but ended up having to set up shop here in Arkham to pay off his gambling debts. He hates Arkham and with every passing day his outlook on life becomes more and more hopeless.

Nahums Yield (Fruits & Veggies) – The farms of the heath near Arkham experienced something weird and other worldly that affected the look of their crops. Most of the farms moved out, but Nahums Gardner stayed to sell his fruits and vegetables which some have said might be related with the amount of crazies running about. His wife Mary runs the shop, sometimes with her son tagging along, and stands by her husband’s crops being perfectly healthy to eat.


Interesting NPCs

  1. Captain Ruthus Warden (LN) – Ruthus is head of the town guard, and is very distrusting of people he hasn’t meat or less heard of. He is known among the men as a serious, unforgiving, stick up the bung-hole. He has a great distaste for people who sympathize with teiflings.
  2. Lister Janna Slint (CG) – A rookie spy for the Church trying to gather information about the local economy relating to the criminal underground. She is very paranoid and distrusting of anyone outside the church.
  3. Kebal Poster (N) – A fortune teller, who works in Maps of Fortune; says he can sense where treasure is at a good price. Most who have met him say he’s a shifty fella, but many people swear he has true power.
  4. Jeher Amul (NG) – A human spear fighter from the lands down south, he frequents tourneys and has a cult fan base as “The Frog Hunter”. He is known to be very calm in battle and very kind, especially to his fans.
  5. Darsa Ellie (NG) – A winch from the Wandering Lamb, who has regrets about running away from her home in Haymercher. Unfortunately she has become the favorite play thing of an infamous killer known to the commoners “The Tally Man”, who has threatened to slit her throat if she leaves the city. She has curiously found a friend in the simple farm boy Joe Joe who has grown sweet on her and takes advantage of the protection he offers when he is around.
  6. Lord Dunton Sars (NE) – Some say a pathetic excuse for a Lord, Dunton Sars has just recently inherited the position from his father the late Jasper Sars II. Must suspicion has surrounded Dunton due to his father’s mysterious death, but no one expresses their opinions out loud in fear of his “swift and fair” justice.
  7. Joe Joe (CN) – The son of farmer Nahums Gardner is a strong, childlike, drooling, and unpredictable beast of a man. He mostly stays on the farm as a farm hand in case one of the plow horses becomes injured, but will become board when he doesn’t have anything to do. When this happens he will tear up crops, break tools, toss sheep until his father begs his wife to take him into town were more often than not he gets into more trouble.
  8. Timothy Straw (CE) – Also known as “The Tally Man”, Timothy is a killer in Arkham known for carving tally marks on his skin for every person he has killed.
  9. Strange Stephan (CG) – One of the local crazies who made a name for himself in Arkham. Claiming to be some powerful sorcerer or warlock (it changes sometimes) people have spotted him hopping roofs in the night on the lookout for criminals. Some think he may have been a spy belonging to The Listeners though the church has no recorded of his recruitment, others say he was a master cleric who went mad after a tragic accident. The closest anyone has gotten to finding out his real name was the letter once left at the doors of multiple persons that read “Stephan protects the night”, most assume it was him.
  10. Jonathan Lark (NG) – A hint of kindness caught in the mits of the scum and villainy, Jonathan Lark (aka Old Man Jon), was once the owner of the failed Woad Carver carpentry shop. He spends a lot of time helping people fix their houses in exchange for food and clothes. The Prancing Hoard lets him squat in the tavern’s basement as long as he doesn’t drink any of the stores.

I really hope that this article really inspires you and gives you something to keep your campaign moving. Please if you like this article share it around or subscribe to my blog for more every week. Till next time, keep safe on the streets!


Fort Varen / Random Fort Occupants 1d10 Table

A great thing for you and your heroes to have is a place called home, a place to keep them grounded in an area you can grow out of. As of just recently, my group had come across one for the formation of their monster hunting guild. This fortress has history, of war, tears, and pride. A history that I thought I would share with you.

Fort Varen is located in on an elevated cliff face, in between and overlooking a river fork with two nearby hamlets located to the north and south. In a time where the halflings and humans were at war, there was a lot riding on the fort becoming a roost for the Griffin Riders. This would not come to fruition, at the height of the war the fort would be taken by halfling dire wolf riders. To prevent it from being used as a roost, the Grand Marshal would have the second floor torn apart and burned. After the war was done, the fort was left abandoned by both sides. Technically the fort still belongs to the humans, but seeing as the griffin riders were wiped out by the Wraith Lords there was no reason for them to repair it, leaving it in despair.


Ruins naturally attract monsters, cults, brigands, and other nuances, and after being abandoned for nearly a hundred years it is bound to fall into fall into the occupancy of unsavory folk. This is when the list come in, and it should go something like this:

“A rumor has been traveling around that Fort Varen has been recently occupied by…”

  1. A hag coven that has been kidnaping people from the nearby hamlets for their rituals
  2. Marauders who rob travelers and take prisoners for blackmailing people
  3. A manticore or chimera who has been praying on the locals
  4. A fire giant that has been using the fort as an overworld base, and has been kidnapping locals to fully restore the fort
  5. Ogers who pick up local travelers for eating
  6. A vampire who is using it as a daytime resting place
  7. A large pack of dire wolves led by an alpha pack of hell hounds
  8. A lich using the dead around the fort to keep people from intruding
  9. A cult to a mad god, that kidnaps travelers to make sacrifices
  10. A pack of werewolves that are planning to go on a grand hunt in the nearby area

Unknown to any current owner of Fort Varen though is the hidden dragon hoard. Not long before it’s recent tenant, a dragon had come through the area and had his minions build a puzzle door in a hidden passageway inside the fort. The door requires three crystal rods to solve, and have been scattered in different locations. This was taken from a youtube channel called TheDMsCraft and I leave a link to his video about the door here:


What is in the Dragons hoard is up to you but it should be noted that the dragon will be back for his treasure at some point. It can come now, it can come in a year or two, it may never come. But it would give the heroes a good incentive to rebuild the keep so they can protect their claim to the horde as the dragon might lay waste to anything between it and it’s treasure. Anyway, I really hope that this article really inspires you and gives you something to keep your campaign moving. Please if you like this article share it around or subscribe to my blog for more every week. Till next time, keep one eye on the sky.

Manticore Poison 1d8 table

Manticores are a vastly underrated monster in my opinion and I thought in 5th edition D&D, along with a lot of other monsters got nerfed severely. Say what you will about 4th edition, but one of the things I thought they got right was giving level variety. I’m not good at gearing a monster’s challenge rating, too much math for me. But I noticed something about 5th ed manticores that seemed off, and it hit me, they don’t have scorpion tails. I looked it up on Wikipedia to see if I was right and I found a quote that reads, “The tail is that of either a dragon or a scorpion, and it may shoot venomous spines to either paralyze or kill its victims”. This shows up in a lot of art as well, showing most manticores as having a scorpion stinger for a tail and often no wings!

Considering this I thought it a great idea to give manticores a poisonous tail with some nasty venoms to help it in combat, making it a top dog predator again. And seeing as it’s Friday I thought, “This would make a good list”. So without further delay, it should go something like this:

“The manticore stings our hero, injecting him/her with a venom that…”

  1. Makes its victim feel like it’s burning alive; the victim takes 2d12 poison damage and falls to the ground screaming in pain (DC 20 constitution saves).
  2. Locks up the victim’s body and makes it painful to move. Every time the victim moves it takes 2d6 poison damage, this last until he/she makes a successful DC 20 constitution save.
  3. Numbs the victims primarily arm, making him/her lose proficiency with any melee weapons for one round (DC 17 constitution saves).
  4. Confuses the victim, and he/she must make a DC 15 wisdom save. If failed, he/she must attack the nearest ally on next turn.
  5. Gives the victim a migraine that impedes on his/her ability to correctly reason. He/She gains disadvantage on all wisdom and intelligence related rolls (DC 15 constitution ends).
  6. Knocks the victim out cold for 5 minutes and causes vivid nightmares (DC 15 constitution ends).
  7. Makes the victims eyes swell, causing his/her site to become unreliable. Victim gains disadvantage on all sight related rolls and must spend his/her free action rubbing their eyes (DC 17 constitution ends).
  8. Will cause a nasty rash to appear on the sting mark. On his/her next turn, the victim will begin to feel stomach cramps, and on the third turn the victim will fall unconscious. This will trigger the need to make death saving throws (DC 17 constitution saves)
  9. Tightens the victim’s chest causing loss of breath. This gains him/her disadvantage on all strength and dexterity rolls (DC 15 constitution save ends).
  10. Causes the victim to hallucinate the nearest ally is his/her greatest fear and must run from it (DC 17 constitution save ends).

I recommend using this list with a party closer to level ten, these poisons are kinda tough. But like I said before I’m not really that experianced in homebrewing monsters, I mean they’re making them let and right so it shouldn’t be that hard to find a high-level manticore. Anyway I hope you liked this list, and it inspires you in some way, please if you like this article share it around or subscribe to my blog for more every week. Till next time, I’ll see ya…and watch out for those tails!

The Knight of the Bales

I just recently got back into painting minis, my most recent are an undead cleric and a female knight. Both are pretty cool and being ADHD like I am I had to put them next to each other. My mind already started racing about a story for these two:

The undead cleric, who we will call Izar, was once holy adviser to the king. But after obsessing over an ancient prophecy, he became fanatical as he attempted to kill the king’s son Arin. Izar was put to death, but not before swearing he would return to fulfill the prophecy and spill the prince’s blood.

The knight, named Sasha, was lowborn to a farming family till she was taken as a squire by a knight. Later in life she would prove a valiant warrior and would become a quartermaster for the Kings Royal guard. Though she has a hard time respecting the weak, her training as a knight has taught her that if she doesn’t protect them then no one will.

Risin from the dead by a cult, Izar sends his zealots to kidnap Prince Arin and takes him to his lair in the Tzar mountains. When the King calls on his bravest knights only one is brave enough to attempet the resuce, Sasha the Knight of the Bales.

I’ll leave the story unfinished, perhaps this will serve as a great back story to someones character. I’ve always admired tough and strong women and really believe that they have a place in the world of D&D as brave adventurers. I hope you found this article interesting and inspiring.

Desert Oasis Guardians 1d12 Table

As I said in my first blog, I LOVE random list and sometimes coming up with ideas for a list can be hard. But like with the last list I made I noticed that if you really get specific with what the list is about it makes it a lot easier to be creative. Often I like to come up with list that I’ll in some way end up using the next session, but with this list, I made an exception.

I have a soft spot in my heart for desert campaigns worlds (like Dark Sun and Al-Qadim), so every once in a while I’ll find myself toying around with desert themes. This list deals with a guardian or group of monsters in a desert oasis. I figure since water would be a necessity in such a world it would be fitting to make the heroes fight for it.

So it should go something like, “The heroes approach the oasis, but they don’t know it is guarded/occupied by…”

  1. A sea monster that mysteriously wound up in the oasis pool
  2. A band of raiders/slavers/thieves/cannibals who use it as a home base
  3. A cult that worships a devil or demon taking shelter in the oasis
  4. A paladin or knight helping lost travelers and vagabonds find their way back to civilization
  5. A hoard of undead desert nomads with vicious carrion birds flying above
  6. A powerful sorcerer/sorceress in a sandstone tower who has summoned elementals to kill any intruders
  7. A band of nomadic merchants who are very protective of their wears
  8. Giants who are stealing lost travelers for slave labor
  9. A naga who keeps his treasure at the bottom of the oasis pool
  10. Living plant life brought to life by a druid who believes he/she must protect this gem of nature against intruders who might destroy it
  11. Giant bugs, enlarged by a powerful relic hidden in a nearby ruin
  12. A sphinx who will only let the heroes pass into the oasis if they win his/her game of riddles

I used this for a one shot for my little sister and her friend and landed on the druid. It was fun revisiting this setting and I hope to do it more often; I hope you find some use out of it as well.

Artist Credit: “Desert Oasis” by Marie Mason

Name for a group of Marauders 2d20 table

I thought for my first post I would share something I really enjoy, random tables! They bring a sense of unpredictability to no just the players but the dungeon master as well. And as a person with ADHD this works for me well and comes up with great (and sometimes hilarious) results. Such is the case with this list (technically it’s two list) that is meant to help come up with a name for a fantasy raider group taking inspiration from A Song of Ice and Fire, Berzerk, Elderscrolls, and a few throw-ins of my own.

So it would go something like, “You see a wanted poster on the wall for a group of briggands called the…”

Adjectives (2d20)

2.Silver 3.Brave 4.Iron 5.Stinky Butt 6.Bloody 7.Moon 8.Second 9.Lurking 10.Golden 11.Snappy 12.Cold 13.Cobalt 14.Dark 15.Red 16.Newborn 17.Nutty 18.Dishonorable 19.Old 20.Fleet Footed 21.Strong 22.Loud 23.Unshaken 24.Wrathful 25.Larg 26.Fancy 27.First Hand 28.Sea 29.Small 30.Fire 31.Crackling 32.Clean Cut 33.Toe Bitting 34.Sneaky 35.Classy 36.Rising 37.Bulky 38.Blue 39.Grumpy 40. Roll Twice

Noun (2d20)

2.Lions 3.Tigers 4.Bears 5.Dragons 6.Devils 7.Swords 8.Mummers 9.Compainions 10.Dogs 11.Spears 12.Swarm 13.Men 14.Fey 15.Women 16.Cats 17.Whales 18.Roosters 19.Murder 20.Squirrels 21.Slavers 22.Drakes 23.Brothers 24.Eels 25.Faces 26.Fathers 27.Krakens 28.Sisters 29.Wolves 30.Beast 31.Behemoths 32.Cousins 33.Syths 34.Spiders 35.Demons 36.Hounds 37.Thieves 38.Butt Buddies 39.Travelers 40. Golems

The first time I used this list, I came up with a group called the Loud Devils. A band of criminals known for known for stirring up the public for others political gain. I hope this list helps and inspires you as well.